The story behind our flower shop

Flower Puff Girls is inspired by a cartoon known as Power Puff Girls. The three protagonists namely, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. These kids possess powers like Blossom with great intellect, Bubbles with a kind heart, and Buttercup with strength.

My husband is an on-call delivery guy for almost a year; after seeing the potential of owning a flower shop, we decided to place our own business.

What’s our purpose?

We aim to deliver not only quality service but also to evoke emotion in the recipient of our flowers. Aside from that, we want the customers to find fresh and beautiful flowers at a reasonable price.

How do we do business?

We arrange flowers for all occasions, from simple centerpieces for Christening to sweet flower arrangements suited for a debutant, and from romantically arranged roses for wedding events to sympathizing orchid arrangements for our beloved ones’ wake. We also deliver flower arrangements for inaugural events.

As we deliver these to the customers, we do not overlook their needs for a quality product that has a reasonable price. We give value to every cent they pay us with professional flower arrangements.

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